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Useful VMware VCA6-CMA 1V0-603 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q25)

An organization is evaluating to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. They already manage an onsite vsphere environment and want to better understand the benefits of migrating data to vcloud air.
What would be a compelling reason for the client to migrate to a hybrid cloud solution?
A. They will be able to use storage clusters and Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling.
B. They will be able to more easily optimize the provisioning and performance of their virtualized workloads.
C. They will be able to place their mission-critical virtual machines under Fault Tolerance rotection.
D. vRealize Automation will allow them to leverage vSphere Distributed Switches.
Correct Answer: C

An administrator is examining a data center to validate that it is operating as efficiently as possible.Which option represents an Efficiency challenge the administrator might face?
A. Needing to easily roll back changes to workloads during testing and development.
B. Wanting to provide multi-tenant access to cloud resources without compromising security.
C. Needing semi-isolated and autonomous environments for the application development teams.
D. Wanting to align IT costs with corporate models by classifying IT as an operating expense.
Correct Answer: C

A manager wants to know why traditional usage metering tools are less effective in a private cloud environment thanthey are in physical environments.What statement provides the best response?
A. Traditional monitoring tools won’t work in a cloud environment.
B. Traditional metering tools require agents to be installed, which don’t work in virtual machines.
C. Resource usage is based on the overall demand of all virtual machines instead of per server.
D. This is not true, traditional usage metering tools are still the best choice.
Correct Answer: B

A company has decided to move to a hybrid cloud environment.They are concerned that this may increase management complexity by requiring multiple interfaces.Which product provides a single interface for all virtual machines within a hybrid cloud environment?
A. vCenter Server
B. vFabric Suite
C. vCloud Connector
D. VMware NSX
Correct Answer: C

Which statement best describes a Software-Defined Enterprise?
A. An architecture framework designed to fully automate all IT services in all data centers removing the need for human interaction.
B. An enterprise response to mainstream disorganization of resources in the data center that delivers on the promise of interconnected infrastructure and software- as a-service.
C. An architecture that uses intelligence automation and common management to provide transparent governance of infrastructure and software-as a-service.
D. An architecture that uses virtualization to replace all physical components in the data center while using localized management and compliance to deliver infrastructure and software-as-a-service.
Correct Answer: C

An administrator is deploying a newvApp which needs specific storage capabilities. In the past datastores were organized by service levels such as Tier 1 FC Tier 2 SAS etc. The company’s storage infrastructure has grown very large and manually identifying the various storage types and capabilities has become tedious and error prone. Which technology helps eliminate a lot of the manual work involved in keeping storage information up to date within a cloud-based environment?
B. Resource Pools
C. Storage vMotion
D. Catalogs
Correct Answer: C

A company is considering deploying a Private Cloud using only physical infrastructure. 1V0-603 dumps Which two are benefits of using a Software-Defined Data Center versus a physical Infrastructure? (Choose two.)
A. Zero Upgrades
B. No Cabling
C. Faster Provisioning
D. Elastic Scalability
Correct Answer: BC

An administrator manages a multi-tier application that is comprised of web database and application servers. Which product would allow the administrator to move the web server to a public cloud while maintaining the same network settings and connectivity with the other two services?
A. vRealize Operations
B. vCloud Connector
C. vFabiic Suite
D. vCentei Server
Correct Answer: B

Which vRealize Automation feature provides companies a lot of flexibility in using their own customized service politics and business logic?
A. Accelerated application deployment
B. Intelligent Resource Governor
C. VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in
D. Self-service end user portal
Correct Answer: B

Which vRealize Automation integrated product allows an administrator to easily automate workflows for provisioning decommissioning and the configuration of virtual workloads?
A. vRealize Operations
B. vRealize Operations
C. vCloud Connector
D. VMware NSX
Correct Answer: C

An administrator has installed and configured site RecoveryManager (SRM) to protect a private cloud infrastructure, but wants assurance that the plan put in place will actually work. How can the administrator properly test the site recovery manager setup?
A. Tell SRM to simulate moving your workloads usingvcloud connector.
B. Tell SRM to initiate an HA failover test.
C. Tell SRM to execute a non-disruptive recovery test.
D. Tell SRM tovMotion protected VMs to the recovery site.
Correct Answer: C

An administrator has a virtual machine with large amounts of data and wishes to protect it by replicating the data using the VMware Air disaster recovery service. A large amount of data would initially have to be transferred across the network before beginning replication. Which feature can the administrator utilize to minimize the amount of data transferred before beginning replication?
A. vCenter Operations Manager
B. Direct Connect
C. vCloud Connector: Data Migration Service
D. vCloudConnector: Offline Data Transfer
Correct Answer: C

An administrator wants to more proactively react to alarms in the datacenter.Which vRealize operations availability feature would be most helpful in identifying problems before they impact end users?
A. Dynamic Thresholds
B. Dynamic Alerts
C. Smart Alerts
D. Self-Adjusting Alerts
Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to make sure that a cloud environment is performing as expected and is not exhibiting any serious problems.Which vRealize operations super Metric will help analyze workload anomalies and faults?
A. Risk
B. Status
C. Performance
D. Health
Correct Answer: C

A manager heard on a webinar that vRealizeOperations has the ability to create custom groups in order to better align performance and management decisions with business goals. Which two options represent custom groups that can be created for the manager? (Choose two.)
A. DRS / HA Cluster
B. Application
C. Line of business
D. vCenter Datacenter
Correct Answer: AC

Which three services can users request through the self-service catalog using vRealize Automation? (Choose three.)
A. Media services
B. Personnel services
C. Custom services
D. Application services
E. Infrastructure services
Correct Answer: ADE

An audit of a customer’s private cloud has found that in the event of an outage the customer would not be able to recover virtual machines quickly enough as determined by their recovery time objective( RTO).
They do not have the budget to invest in building a separate recovery site.
A. Site Recovery Manager
B. vCloud Connector
C. vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery
D. vRealize Automation
Correct Answer: D

A customer is concerned about using fixed alarm settings to monitor elastic cloud workloads. They want assurance that virtual workloads will be properly monitored in the cloud based on their environment’s realtime data. Which vRealize Operations alarm feature will best address this concern?
A. Auto Reactive Alarms
B. Adaptive Alarms
C. Self-Learning Analytics
D. Dynamic Thresholds
Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to automatically manage virtual machine change requests and services as well as remove virtual machines when they are no longer needed. Which product includes a lifecycle management capability to help you accomplish these tasks? 1V0-603 dumps
A. vRealize Automation
B. vCenter Server
C. vRealize Operations
D. NSX Manager
Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to ensure that all new virtual workloads created with vRealizeAutomation are built to the correct specifications and are aligned with corporate service levels. Which vRealize automation feature provides this capability?
A. Lifecycle management
B. Policy-based provisioning and governance
C. Intelligent resourceGovernor
D. Workflow and task automation
Correct Answer: B

A public cloud provider is looking for a method of delivering services through a user interface that:
Is specific to the user who logs in
Delivers services that adhere to the specific service level Agreement of each customer
Which cloud product would best enable the provider to meet these requirement?
A. vRealize Automation Self Service Catalog
B. vRealize Orchestrator
C. vSphere Web Client
D. vRealize Automation Advanced Service Designer
Correct Answer: D

As part of setting up a company’s disaster recovery plan a project manager has identified the need to synchronize storage used by the virtual machines to a remote disaster recovery site. Which product or component can be used to perform this task?
A. vRealize Automation
B. vCloud Connector
C. Datastore Clusters
D. vSphere Replication
Correct Answer: C

A manager is concerned that creating hundreds of identical virtual machines is needlessly taking up too much storage apace.Which vRealize Automation feature will help avoid this issue?
A. Storage DRS
B. Snapshots
C. Templates
D. Linked Clones
Correct Answer: C

A company is evaluating the deployment of a new private cloud and the manager has concerns about the department’s ability to effectively manage this new solution.Which statement represents a valid Management concern?
A. Your solution must provide mobile tenants maximum connectivity and flexibility without requiring them to host their own VPN services.
B. Your solution should ensure that virtual machines are stored on the “right” storage for the job.
C. Your solution must be able handle seasonal/burst utilization without paying for unused capacity during non-peak months.
D. Your solution needs the ability to roll back broken or unauthorized configuration changes to a previous known good state.
Correct Answer: D

Which three infrastructure platformtypes can vRealize Automation deliver service across? (Choose three.)
A. Virtual
B. Organization
C. Physical
D. Provider
E. Cloud
Correct Answer: ABE

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